I collect panoramas when I go to beautiful places. I love panoramas because it captures a greater truth of the moment than a narrow snap could.


I use Google Photos to switch the images together. If you want to try this yourself, just sign up for Google Photos and get the app on your phone. Take a series of photos next to each other. When your photos is synced to Photos, you will get a notification on your phone with your auto-generated panorama. This is much better then using an app to take the panorama, because Google takes your high quality photos and stitches it together, creating a much higher quality photo.

[easy_panorama id=”291″]

[easy_panorama id=”296″]

[easy_panorama id=”297″]

[easy_panorama id=”300″]

[easy_panorama id=”302″]

[easy_panorama id=”303″]

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